LED Hard Hat Band – 3M Reflective

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The Nite Beams™ Hard Hat Band is designed to retrofit over most hard hat and increase the wearers visibility from all directions. If you are required to wear a hard hat in your line of work and are in low-light situations, the Hard Hat Band can improve safety by making you more visible to everyone around you.


  • HIGH-VISIBILITY: 10 Super Bright LEDs that are visible for up to ¼ mile from any direction in darker hours
  • EASY-TO-ATTACH: Affixes to hard hat with 2-way pre-installed silver, reflective 3M tape on headband
  • USB RECHARGEABLE: Rechargeable lithium ion battery (1 oz.) and USB charging cord included
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Capable of being worn in any weather conditions
  • POWERFUL LIGHTING: 220 Lumens and provide up to 10 hours of visible light