Introducing the Road Commander

Nitebeams Road commander was designed with the input from Law Enforcement, DOT Roadworkers, Towing Industry and Firefighters. The Road Commander, is a flare that alerts motorists well in advance to MOVE OVER, preventing accidents and saving lives.

Bright and efficient LEDs

Every product is USB rechargeable and easy to use.

Head Commander Work Light

Saving lives is our motivation

Nite Beams™ develops LED safety products for a variety of low-light industries.

LED Directional Light Signal

Roadside safety on-hand

Work from the curb without worry by increasing visibility.

Cone Commander

First-hand experience of safety products

Exhibiting at tradeshows around the country, we demonstrate the capabilities of our products and how to use them.

LED Safety Vest

Award-winning innovation

Our products have been recognized for their improvements to workplace safety.

LED light Law Enforcement

Always improving safety

Nite Beams™ is continually looking for ways to increase worker visibility and improve safety.

Awards & Testimonials

Gloves are very solid

I'm on a construction site all day. We start early and these lights not only make sure I'm seen but light up my tools. The best part is they are very durable - I've had them for six months and they are still in good shape.

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Super Bright Lights

My husband is a policeman and wears one of these for work. We were commenting that we wish the kids had these for walking home at night. We ordered a green one and blue one and they are super bright. The kids love them and look forward to walking home now. Thanks, Nitebeams for keeping my family safe.

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We give this for high school graduation gifts

The parents thank us for the gift but surprisingly the flashing arrows have been used by kids more often than we ever imagined. They have saved a few lives which is more than we ever imagined.

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A well-lit design

Just wanted to send a big kudos to Nite Beams™ for the well-lit and designed nighttime Class 3 Safety Vest. We have been using your product a year now and all of my field crews feel safer being out on the roadway during night hours. Thanks for all your hard work in designing and providing a comfortable vest for our crews, they love them.

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