Testimonials On Our Products

When exhibiting at tradeshows, it brings a smile to our faces to hear stories of how our products have improved worker safety and sometimes saved lives by bringing visibility to their working conditions. To see what people are saying, check out some of our testimonials below!

Most Versatile Light

Most Versatile Light

This is the most versatile light for use with safety cones I have ever used. It deploys easily and has multiple lighting color options and sequencing patterns. I work for the Aviation Authority at Orlando International Airport and when we do electrical work on the airfield at night, we have to be in compliance with FAA regulations as they pertain to closures. This fantastic tool ensures our safety as well as the safety of the traveling public. The best part is that this setup replaces the need for heavy barricades which leech away valuable time needed for the task at hand. So, in summary; safety enhancing, versatile, rapid deployment, faster setup and no more water filled barricades.

Joseph I. Bailey

Supervisor, Airfield Electric

Orlando International Airport

Extremely Satisfied

I’m extremely satisfied with the NITEBEAMS product line. My staff had an opportunity to check them out at a trade show and within a few moments realized all the uses we had for this product. That week we bought two complete kits and will be permanently keeping them in most of our vehicles. Compact, easy to use, and incredibly bright. A great safety device to keep you and your crew safe.

Tony Dati

Streets Superintendent

Village of Niles Public Works Department

A well-lit design

Just wanted to send a big kudos to Nite Beams™ for the well-lit and designed nighttime Class 3 Safety Vest. We have been using your product a year now and all of my field crews feel safer being out on the roadway during night hours. Thanks for all your hard work in designing and providing a comfortable vest for our crews, they love them.

James L Burks

Safety Officer

Mississippi Department of Transportation

An amazing difference in visibility

As a large road builder, one of the biggest hazards our employees face is working near live traffic. To be proactive we ordered some of your LED hard hat bands. Wow, what a difference in visibility. They are light weight and last the entire shift. That is why I just ordered several more. Thanks for a great product that will help protect our workers.

Jeffrey Getty

Regional Safety Manager

Archer Western

Extremely high visibility during the day and night

We purchased several Road Commander Road Flare kits with tripods from Nite Beam Products™ for a trial run with our Traffic Bureau with excellent results. The Flare kits have extremely high visibility in the day time as well as the night. These Nite Beams Flare kits have been used on numerous major crash scenes including fatality crashes. We are able to free up patrol cars on crash scenes now due to being able to set out these long lasting and bright Flares. This product has high visibility from long distances and increases the safety of the public and of our Officers while they are investigating crashes. We are very pleased with the Road Commander Road Flares from Nite Beams. I am so happy with the product that I have just placed an additional order for more of the Road Commander Road Flares for our Road Patrol.

Brad Kennedy

Police Captain

Redford Township Police Dept.

Freed up officers who would normally have to sit and direct traffic.

I am a crash reconstructionist in north central Indiana, I used five Road Commander lights on a crash scene to block a high traveled roadway and they worked phenomenally. These lights are extremely bright and visible in the day and night. We were on scene for several hours and all 5 lights worked the entire time. I also had officers from assisting agencies on scene who, after witnessing how well these worked have now planned to purchase their own set of Road Commanders. These freed up patrol cars/officers which would have normally had to sit and direct traffic.

Flaude Dillon PE 161

Crash Reconstructionist

Logansport, IN Police Dept.

Thank you for providing such a great product.

I wanted to write to you to let you know that I purchased your “Road Commander” package of 5 lights with carrying case in the spring of 2022. Actually, I purchased 4 of them, one pack for each of my patrol vehicles. After receiving them, I was extremely impressed with the brightness and durability of the lights. After explaining to the staff that these would replace our current flares, I will say that I was met with some skepticism, so we decided to test their durability and battery life. We placed them in our garage and left them in the “strobe” mode of red and blue overnight on a Thursday. On Friday morning, they were still going and had actually gathered the attention of our DPW staff. They were so impressed with them, they decided to purchase additional sets for their vehicles! Since that time, our officers have used them at festivals, accident scenes, power lines down, and other events that we would usually demand flares to be dropped and/or monitored. They are an exceptional value and have actually SAVED us money because unlike road flares, they are reusable, rechargeable, and ready at a moment’s notice. In my 38 years of law enforcement, very few changes have made such a different in the lives of officers who work the road. I can’t tell you the amount of uniform pants that I have ruined over the years because of flare burn holes in them.

John Ellsworth

Chief of Police

Wolverine Lake Police Department

His LED lighted safety vest caught my attention

His LED lighted safety vest caught my attention

I first met Mike “Tonto” Alexander at a towing industry trade show many years ago. As I walked by his Nite Beams booth, his LED lighted safety vest caught my attention—exactly what it was designed to do! These vests are developed to grab the attention of motorists driving by roadway workers, including tow operators. At that time, the LED lighted safety vest was Nite Beams' main product. I remember telling Tonto that he was probably the most important exhibitor at that trade show. As a training instructor for the towing industry, one of the most important topics in my classes is roadway safety. Providing information on roadway safety products and tactics is a core part of CIRT’s training. Over the years, I have continued to watch Tonto and Nite Beams develop new products focused on saving the lives of roadway workers. Thank you, Tonto, for your passion for protecting the countless men and women exposed to moving traffic on our nation’s roadways 24/7/365.

Bobby Tuttle


Complete Incident Response Training (CIRT)

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