Fight Daylight Savings’ Darker Hours with High Visibility Clothing

Now that our time switch has happened and we start the day an hour later, businesses and individuals alike can benefit from carrying high visibility clothing as nighttime also comes sooner. An extra hour of sleep was nice, but, with shorter daytime hours and faster-approaching night hours, those working construction, law enforcement, and more can benefit from Nite Beams’™ reflective clothing with bright LEDs to help keep them safe.

The bright difference

Every product from Nite Beams™ provides the highly visible Super Bright LEDs you need for you and your workers to stay visible during new daylight savings hours. As the sun goes down sooner, anyone on a jobsite or patrolling on roads late at night can maintain visibility for passing drivers by wearing our high visibility clothing. Providing 10 hours of constant ON illumination, you can stay lit during the long dark hours that come with daylight savings.

Noticeable lights

To add an extra layer of visibility to the standard LED lights, each set in our high visibility clothing can also be set to flash on and off. Something “moving” such as flashing lights can be better to catch the attention of others when working roadside. Whether you’re using plain bright white lights with your LEDs or using red and blue for law enforcement, the Super Bright LEDs flashing in the dark are sure to make drivers aware of your presence to avoid any accidents. This flashing mode provides up to 20 hours of bright light, giving you even more time in daylight savings’ dark hours.

From bright LED light strips to reflective tape strips, Nite Beams™ provides the high visibility clothing your jobsite needs to work safely on the roadside during daylight savings hours. Owned and operated for almost a decade, Nite Beams™ has the products and services you can depend on to improve safety and work without worry.