Flashing Lights Provide Simple but Effective Traffic Safety Supply

With daylight hours waning and the need for traffic safety supply rising, workers can easily increase their visibility while on the jobsite through the use of the Nite Beams’™ Body Alert Flashing Lights & Flashlight. There is no end to the safety options available to you when on a jobsite, but the important thing is that you are choosing the best ones. Nite Beams™ traffic safety equipment is simple to use, easy to implement into daily operations, and is built to best serve the industries that it is used in.

Color coordinate for different meanings

The Body Alert Flashing Lights & Flashlight come in a variety of colors for you to choose from that you can then use to designate roles on a workplace. We offer green, blue, and amber flashing lights for those that are working in traffic safety supply, and we also offer a blue and red option for law enforcement. The different colors can be used for traffic safety workers to designate who is doing what responsibility, or you can simply order a single color for everyone on the team. The red and blue option gives law enforcement a light that easily distinguishes them from others as police, giving clarity to who is who when it is dark out, while also providing visibility, and, in turn, safety.

Smartly designed traffic safety supply

When Nite Beams™ suggests a piece of safety equipment to an industry, it is because they work. The designs that we sell for traffic safety supply are not your standard pieces of safety equipment, but rather equipment that has been specifically selected over the years through conversations with those who would use them most. We care about the safety of workers on the jobsite, and the equipment that we sell is built to best suit their needs. A simple example of this is the Body Alert Flashing Lights. Not only do they provide a highly visible method of marking workers in low-light conditions, but they also each come with a bright flashlight built within to give the workers extra illumination on hand when they need it.

Not satisfied with the old safety solutions of the past, Nite Beams™ is always looking for ways to improve traffic safety supply however we can. If you haven’t updated your equipment for jobsites in many years, consider the products that Nite Beams™ has to offer, and see how they can help you by giving us a call!