Give Workers the Hands-Free Illumination They Need With LED Accessories

Roadway work can happen at any time of day, and because of that, workers can often find themselves working in conditions where having proper lighting is key to properly completing the task at hand. Providing workers with the illumination that they need, when you are looking for a way to provide your workers with the hands free lighting they need to complete their work, you can count on the LED accessories and traffic safety equipment offered by Nite Beams™. With a number of accessories that can provide effective hard hat lighting, the traffic safety products from Nite Beams™ can ensure that your team has the lighting they need to complete any kind of work at any time of day with convenient hands-free lighting.

A High-Powered Hard Hat Light

Personal illumination doesn’t just serve as a way to protect workers by making them more visible, it can also help to provide effective lighting for their work. Featuring up to 15 hours of high visibility illumination with a 270-degree wide angle floodlight, and 2 bright red taillights that signal your location to both drivers and other workers, the head commander can provide you with the visibility you need to stay safe at the jobsite while also providing you with an effective high powered helmet light. Able to be worn over any kind of hat, and even wearable on its own, the head commander from Nite Beams™ can offer convenient hands-free lighting for a wide range of applications, while ensuring that you remain highly visible.

A Hands-Free Solution for Hands on Work

Whether you need to keep a light where your hands are in a situation where you need both hands to complete a task or are in need of the work in front of you well illuminated, Nite Beams™ has an excellent hands-free solution. Attachable to any article of clothing, hat, or wristband, the LED clip lights from Nite Beams™ can provide workers with the hands-free solution they need during hands on work. Featuring four super-bright LEDS, the LED Clip lights from Nite Beams™ offer the perfect solution for anyone in need of a hands-free lighting solution.

When you are looking for solutions that can provide you and your crew with effective, highly visible hands-free lighting, look no further than the LED accessories offered by Nite Beams™. Browse our available traffic safety products online or contact us to learn more about the LED accessories offered by Nite Beams™ today.