Improve Safety During Roadway Work With LED Traffic Safety Equipment

Winter weather can cause low visibility conditions at any time of day. Because of this, it’s important to ensure that your workers are supplied with traffic safety equipment that keeps roadway work zones safe and visible to drivers. While there are different road markers that do often see use in low visibility and low light conditions, most of them make use of an outdated design. Working to push the boundaries of what is possible with modern safety equipment, Nite Beams® works to ensure that workers are safe and visible in winter weather with effective LED traffic safety equipment that guides drivers away from roadway work.

Improving Existing Equipment With Greater Visibility

With the last major innovation on the orange traffic cones having happened over six decades ago with the addition of reflective tape, its more than past due for an update. Working to further improve the effectiveness of the orange cones that we use today and inspired by the effectiveness of the road commander LED Road Flare, Nite Beams® has developed the Cone Commander. Offering up to one mile of visibility, the cone commander can easily enhance the safety of any worksite by increasing the visibility of orange road markers so that they are more effective than ever. Helping to make the border of your work zones visible in even the lowest visibility conditions, the LED road markers from Nite Beams® can help you ensure that any worksite is made safer with superior visibility.

Versatile LED Safety Equipment

Also further improving upon existing traffic safety technologies, the LED beacon work light from Nite Beams® can help provide work zones with greater visibility while using the standard warning triangle reflectors. Once again working to improve on an outdated design, the LED beacons from Nite Beams® feature a magnetic base, offering them a great degree of versatility on any worksite. Visible up to ½ a mile, the beacons from Nite Beams can help to provide visibility in a variety of emergencies.

Offering greater visibility to work zones, you can ensure your workers and work sites are safe and visible this winter with a traffic safety supply from Nite Beams®. Browse out traffic safety products online or contact us today to learn more about the LED traffic safety equipment from Nite Beams®.