Rechargeable Traffic Baton / Flashlight / Alarm


Nite Beams’™ USB Rechargeable Traffic Baton is the most versatile, lighted beacon that can best benefit law enforcement. With flashing lights, a built-in flashlight, and a loud alarm, law enforcement can have the multi-use tool they need when working in low-light conditions.


  • HIGH-INTENSITY LED LIGHTS: Emits bright, red & blue lights perfect for law enforcement
  • WEATHER-RESISTANT: Withstands all weather, adding visibility on cloudy days
  • LIGHT TIME: Provides up to 10 hours of visible light
  • HIGH-VISIBILITY: 360-degree visibility up to 1/3 mile
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Can be used as a traffic baton, flashlight, and crowd mover
  • ATTACHABLE: Attachable via clip, wrist strap, or magnetic base
  •  EASY ON/OFF: Push the button to change from flashing, to flashlight, to Off
  •  DIMENSIONS: LED Lens 13.25″ + Black Handle 8.25″ / Total Length 21.5” x Diameter 1.75”
  •  USB RECHARGEABLE: USB charging cord included, with a charging time of 2 hours.