Reflective Safety Vests Provide Visibility through the Holiday Season

With just a little of the holiday season remaining, reflective safety vests are a still a great option now and into the future. With day light hours at some of their lowest and car accidents a regular occurrence because of inclement weather, safety vests that provide dependable visibility are more important than ever.

Nite Beams provides reflective safety vests to any business that wants to provide workers with better visibility to the end of this holiday season and for many more to come. Providing award winning designs and a multitude of ways to increase visibility in low-light hours, our Hi Vis LED vests are the best choice for any outdoor worker.

Ensure everyone gets home

The holidays should be a time for celebrating with the family, so it is important to ensure all workers can get home safely to enjoy that time. When a workplace provides workers with a reflective safety vest that includes power LEDs, they know that the workplace cares about them and their safety, giving them one of the best tools available to maintain visibility.

Nite Beams cares about our customers, and we want them to feel safer while on a worksite, especially during the holidays. With Super Bright LEDs that are visible up to ¼ of a mile, our reflective safety vests are a sure-fire way to add safety to any worker’s uniform.

Safety during low visibility

Not only does the holiday season bring with it low visibility because of shorter daylight hours, but there is also always the possibility of snowfall as well. Snow can actively cause poor visibility when it is really falling, and we in the Midwest are no stranger to heavy snowfall. When this happens, any amount of visibility that workers can benefit from is important.

Reflective strips on our reflective safety vests are good for visibility in most situations, but, when snow is falling, the bright, flashing LEDs add extra safety that may be necessary. The LEDs in Nite Beams products are long-lasting, with superior visibility at large distances, meaning no worker will go unnoticed during low-visibility situations. Whether on the highway or on a construction site, everyone will have the visibility for excellent safety.

Helping every industry that works during the night, the breakaway, reflective safety vests from Nite Beams ensure a safer working environment all through the holiday season and beyond. Learn more about how our safety vests can help or get started on an order by contacting us today!