Safety Training & Equipment Can Save Lives

Keeping Operators, Road Workers & First Responders Safe

American highways and roads are dangerous work environments.  The workers who go out every day to keep us moving are risking their lives. So many factors contribute to the elevated level of roadway risk, such as distracted drivers, road congestion, inclement weather, construction work, operator & driver fatigue, and even lighting, to name a few.  What makes this extra challenging is that each of these factors is constantly changing in the workspace.

It is important for workers to remain constantly vigilant to their dynamic work environment and approaching risks.  But this itself is a tiresome exercise.  That is why on-going training and proper safety equipment are such critical elements in our nation’s highway safety approach.

Video Provides Continuous Actionable Feedback

When it comes to training, we learn more if it is specific and relevant to us personally.  When training is abstract it is easy to think, it does not apply to us or our situation, however when real examples are used it becomes more tangible. Since this work is done on the road, it can be difficult (or impossible) to supervise team members and see how well they are following good safety protocols. If you are right there, you can obviously give immediate and direct feedback – the best kind.

Video Fills an Important Safety Training Need

If you have actual video footage covering the work environment, then you can give real feedback to employees. This is far more memorable and might save their life or the life of someone else. I’m not talking about the in-cab camera. They are nice, but what is happening outside is super important.  We only spend about 1% of our time in reverse, but 25% of all accidents are going backward. For those operating tow trucks or work vehicles on highways and roads – the back and side views are vital for safety training. You need situational awareness when reviewing and training both new and seasoned employees.  The CruiseCamTM system by Mobile Video Computing Solutions (MVCS) offers the best-in-class video coverage. The CruiseCamTM system is designed to provide you with the critical video and situational awareness you need for safety and training.


The Right Gear Could Save a Life

Hi Vis LED Safety Vest Class 3

We can’t control the other drivers on the road, but we can give our drivers and crew every advantage.  NiteBeam”s LED illuminated vest provides a high visibility garment for various weather and lighting conditions to give operators a better shot at being seen. That is why MVCS has chosen the NiteBeam LED vest to be a part of its upcoming Move Over Awareness Warning System (MOAWS), which includes radar and algorithms to identify potentially hazardous on-coming drivers to sound alarms and create a haptic alert in the drivers’ vest.

With two versions of the CruiseCamTM system available CCI and CCIII, you can be sure you will find the right solutions for your vehicles. Plus, CruiseCamTM system’s include state-of-the-art monitoring, to ensure they are operating properly and remote access for both live viewing and video download.  When you combine that with its built GPS and route tracking you can see why CruiseCamTM is the industry’s best choice for fleet video solutions.