Stay Safe During Shutdowns with ANSI Approved Apparel

With statewide shutdowns occurring all over the county, emergency service still have to be out on the road doing their duty for all of us, and they can stay as visible and safe as possible with the use of ANSI approved apparel from Nite Beams™. At Nite Beams™, workers who are still out and protecting our communities right now can get the proper safety apparel they need to do their job safely, even through the night when there is low visibility.

ANSI approved

Meeting the requirements for the American National Standards group, Nite Beams™ provides the ANSI approved apparel for visibility that you can depend on. This means our clothing options have been approved nationally as meeting the requirements for providing a highly-visible solution for individuals working in low-light conditions. With some apparel options that are even award-winning for exceeding industry standards, you can see why Nite Beams™ is the right choice for your safety apparel.

How we do it

How do we meet these national standards? With bright LEDs and reflective strips! By utilizing highly-reflective silver tape that runs along each apparel option, in combination with Super Bright LEDs for maximum visibility, any worker who works on the roadside, in a construction zone, or any other hazardous site that could use visibility for employees, can get the protection they need.


One of the best parts of our Super Bright LEDs that makes them so useful for you and your workers is their long-lasting protection they offer with a long battery life. As an example, a full charging time of one and a half hours provides you with 10 hours of constant light or 20 hours of flashing light on our Hi Vis LED Rain Coat. So, whether you’re being protected from the rain in one of our coats or stopped alongside the road in one of our law enforcement vests, you get the lasting protection of bright LEDs that will protect you through the night.

Helping to ensure everyone makes it home safe every night, Nite Beams™ has the ANSI approved apparel that you can count on. To see more of our products and accessories, check out our full list of products!