Winter Hours Require Reflective Clothing

Days are finally starting to show a little more light, but nighttime still lasts longer than we would like it to, meaning you need to prepare with effective reflective clothing. Whether you’re a roadside worker, law enforcement, or must stop on the side of the highway, you can improve on your personal safety with lighted LED and reflective clothing.

Stay warm

As you know, winters can get brutal with wind chills, freezing rain, and more, but Nite Beams™ takes this in to account when we craft our reflective clothing. With rechargeable gloves, a winter hat, rain pants, and high visibility jacket that is good down to -50°F, you can stay warm while you stay safe. Each piece of reflective clothing has our signature LED lights built in, all USB rechargeable, so you can make sure you are not only reflective, but also a bright light in the darkness for drivers to see. The coat and rain pants are also water resistant, protecting you in the worst conditions.

Full work shifts

With the long-lasting LED lights in our reflective clothing, you can have up to 10 hours of light, or 20 hours of light on flashing mode. This means that if you’re a roadside worker, you can get the protection you need through your entire shift, and never have to worry about your reflective clothing letting you down when you need it most. The hours of night in winter may be long, but the battery power of Nite Beams’™ products makes sure you stay as safe as possible.

Nite Beams™ crafts every product with care to ensure workers in low-light environments are protected. With our tested, award winning designs, you know that you and your workers can stay safe when working roadside. Contact us today and see what our reflective clothing can do for you!