Maintain Protection and Visibility with an Effective Hard Hat Light

When need visibility on a jobsite, you can utilize an effective hard hat light to also maintain safety standards for the work being done. Adding visibility to a jobsite should not mean that the work being done is being done unsafely, and the hard hat light from Nite Beams™ will ensure that workers can more easily see what they are doing in low-light conditions, while still wearing the proper safety equipment that helps them to stay within regulations for the work they are doing.

A retrofitting band provides versatility

Because the hard hat LED band is designed to be retrofitted over any hard hat that workers on a jobsite are wearing, it can easily be implemented into a worker’s outfit. This not only provides a simple way to add a great addition to your gear, but also greatly increases safety by adding visibility to the worker. You can never have too many options of visibility when working on a site where heavy machinery or equipment is being used that might be dangerous to be around. Low-light conditions in conjunction with such heavy equipment can often mean a risky situation unless the proper safety equipment is used, and our hard hat light is just one great solution that we offer to help these situations.

The best hard hat light design available

Although there may be different options available for a hard hat light for your workers, the hard hat light from Nite Beams™ is the best choice because of its layers of safety, easy of use, and long-lasting capabilities. When we design our personal protective equipment, our team discusses with those who need safety equipment most to learn what benefits they are looking for from their gear. With 3M Scotchlite™ reflective tape used for the band itself and 10 Super Bright LEDs used around the entire length of the band, the hard hat light that we offer gives layers of visibility that workers can count on. And, because the band lasts 10 hours and is USB rechargeable, it can easily serve any worksite night after night.

Providing an effective solution to lighting roadway worksites, traffic control, tow operators, and more, the hard hat light from Nite Beams™ can be added into your operations with ease. Contact us today to learn more about the hard hat light or some of the other great visibility options that we offer.