Cone Commander


Following the great success of The Road Commander. The Cone Commander was a natural follow up to address the short comings of orange traffic cones. After Studying the existing orange cones on the market, Alexander talked with DOT, Law Enforcement, Fire Departments and Tow Truck operators. They all stated a product such as the Cone Commander would save lives and reduce accidents. Alexander came to the conclusion the orange cone just didn’t provide enough of a warning for motorists and really didn’t command the motorists to slow down and move over. Alexander wanted to create a product that would address all of the shortcomings of existing orange cones. He wanted to prevent accidents, save lives, and create a much safer work environment for anyone working in traffic or needing to shut down a roadway. Cone Commanders will alert motorist from all four directions reducing accidents, reducing insurance claims, replacing damaged cones, and provides a quick return on your investment.


  • Visible up to 1 mile all four directions.
  • Waterproof, durable, military grade high impact casing.
  • Can be used in chemical spill or flammable environment.
  • Battery Life Indicators – Continuously flashing up to 18-20 hours on full charge.
  • 5000 MAH USB Rechargeable Battery with back up solar panels.
  • 50,000 hours minimum LED life, “Meaning you could use the Cone Commander for 12 hours a day continuously for 11 years and 4 months.
  • Five-Single color settings in every Cone Commander: Red, Green, Amber, Blue, White.
  • Four-Dual color settings in every Cone Commander: Amber/Green, Amber/White, Amber/Blue, Red/Blue.
  • Cone Commander base is magnetic and can be attached to vehicle or other metal surfaces.
  • Cone Commander fits over all orange cones.
  • Cone Commanders will prevent accidents, save lives, and will provide a great ROI.
  • The Cone Commanders are available in 1, 3 or 5 packs and includes like amount of USB charging cords and 1 carry bag.
    • 1 Pack – $109.00
    • 3 Pack – $315.00
    • 5 Pack – $495.00
  • High ROI

Cone Commanders Warranty:

Warranty: (1) one year unlimited warranty from time of sale. Nitebeam Products will replace unit free of charge to end user. Nitebeams may request defective unit to be sent back or have pictures provided.

Customers often order 5-port USB AC or DC chargers when ordering Road Commanders or Cone Commanders

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