Road Commander


Nite Beams Road Commander was the vision of our founder Mike “Tonto” Alexander. After studying the existing road flares available on the market, Alexander realized they were inadequate.  Alexander talked with law enforcement, DOT employees, tow operators, and district fire departments while developing The Road Commander. Alexander stated ” I knew I could create a product that would address all of the shortcomings of existing flares on the market and create a much safer environment for anyone working in traffic. I wanted to save lives and prevent accidents.”


  • Visible up to 1 mile each direction – (LED’s on both sides of the Road Commander)
  • Waterproof, durable, military grade, high-impact casing
  • Can be used in chemical or flammable spill environment
  • USB rechargeable with back up solar panel
  • Continuously flashing over 24 hours for longer recoveries and crash investigations.
  • Single color mode settings: Red; Green; Amber; Blue
  • Dual color settings: Amber/Blue; Blue/Green; Amber/Green; Red/Blue
  • Place on road or on magnetic tripod which gives added height of 12” above ground level
  • Tripod legs can fit inside orange cone hole for extended height
  • Road Commander casing base is magnetic and can be attached to vehicle or other metal surface.
  • Nite Beams Rechargeable flares will be a huge $$ savings over one (1) time use Orion road flares and will not start a fire or burn anyone.
  • Sold as 1 pack; 3 pack; and 5 pack
    • Individual flare includes 1 usb cord, 1 tripod & carry case
    • 3 pack includes 3 flares; 3 usb cords, 3 tripods, & 1 carry case
    • 5 pack includes 5 flares; 5 usb cords, 5 tripods & 1 carry case
  • Road Commanders will prevent accidents, save lives, reduce insurance claims, and will provide a great ROI.


Road Commander Warranty:

Warranty: (1) one year unlimited warranty from time of sale. Nitebeam Products will replace unit free of charge to end user. Nitebeams may request defective unit to be sent back or have pictures provided.

Customers often order 5-port USB AC or DC chargers when ordering Road Commanders or Cone Commanders


Police Chief Testimonial


Price Comparison and Savings:

Orion 30 Minute Road Flare:   Based on Unit price  – Using 16 per hour @ $2.50 per unit would equal $40.00 an hour.  8 hrs of investigation would cost  $400.00 – 8 hrs of investigation would pay for a 5 pack of Nite Beams Road Commander Flares

If you had 70 total hrs of investigation in 1 year you would spend $1,960.00 for Orion 30 minutes flares vs. $425.00 for a 5 pack of Nite Beams Road Commander flares. A savings of $1535.00 the first year and savings of $1960.00 each year thereafter.

Orion 30 Minute Road Flares – Cons:  One time use.  Fire Hazard and  cannot be used around a chemical or flammable spill.  Very  low visibility.

From Michigan State Police Fifth District Commander Captain Mike Brown:  “Hello Tonto, just to let  you know we used the Nite Beams ROAD COMMANDERS last week at a scene on Interstate 94 . What a great product. Over 90% of traffic coming onto the scene moved over without a patrol car on crash scene.” 

From Indiana State Trooper Ben Jones:  ” Hi Tonto, I have used the ROAD COMMANDERS three times and they work great and I have given the information about the ROAD COMMANDERS to two other people.”


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